The staff at Seri Chenang Resort are eager to introduce their unique take on Malaysian culture to each and every guest. The Kayangan Spa captures the regenerative ethos of the resort greater perhaps than any other feature. Here you’ll find a traditional Malay massage alongside a host of other Asian treatments, ranging from Tibetan singing bowl relaxation sessions through to the famous bamboo massage of the Philippines.

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Experienced therapists at Kayangan Spa have been mastering the art of the perfect massage for many years, in many cases it is a practice passed through generations of the same family. Its execution has become an art unto itself rather than a rote set of techniques trained in a few weeks. The heritage is in their blood!

Visitors to the spa can also enjoy pedicure and manicure treatments using only natural ingredients such as lime and virgin coconut oil yielding wonderful yet gentle results.

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  • What guests say…

    We found the perfect combination of luxury and authenticity at Seri Chenang. The resort is one of the finest we’ve visited across multiple trips to Langkawi and we highly recommend the gorgeous one-bedroom villas for a special romantic vacation.  
    Peter J.
    Perfect escape resort for de-stressing whilst enjoying great food and spa treatments. Staff were courteous and helpful throughout and our room was stunning.
    Kevin H.
    Langkawi truly is Malaysia’s jewel of the Andaman Sea and for us there is no better place to enjoy it than from this resort. Attentive staff, traditional & well equipped rooms along with amazing facilities make it the only choice.
    Sandra L.
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